Aging is a part of life. We can't stop it, but we can take charge of it. Growing older is inevitable. Looking older is optional. If you're wondering how to look younger... if you are anti aging-in terms of what you see in the mirror-then this book is for you. Written by Dr. Patrick Flaharty, one of the country's premier facial cosmetic surgeons, Look Younger Now is a must-read if you've ever thought about "having something done." Even if you've thought about it for only a minute. In his book, Dr. Flaharty takes us on a journey through the world of facial rejuvenation: after educating us on why and how our faces age, and addressing the wrinkles and other things that bother us about our aging faces, Dr. Flaharty provides sound advice on how to find the right doctor. Next, he lays out all our options for how to look younger, beginning with the basics of skin rejuvenation, all the way to cosmetic surgery: Nonsurgical OptionsSkin care The neurotoxins (BOTOX(R), Dysport(R) and XEOMIN(TM)) Dermal fillers Laser skin resurfacing and light therapy The nonsurgical face lift ...and moreCosmetic SurgeryBlepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) Face lift Dermabrasion ...and moreThroughout Look Younger Now, Dr. Flaharty emphasizes that these treatments and procedures are not for women only. In fact, there's a chapter just for guys. Sprinkled throughout the book are real-life stories told by sixteen of Dr. Flaharty's patients-everyday people who decided they didn't like what they saw in the mirror, and did something about it. Their stories offer a glimpse-not only into the treatments and procedures-but into the emotions of these patients. "Dr. Flaharty's book is recommended for anyone considering facial cosmetic rejuvenation. He is to be congratulated for helping patients make more informed decisions regarding cosmetic procedures." -Richard L. Anderson, M.D., FACSMedical Director, Center for Facial AppearancesSalt Lake City, UT "Dr. Flaharty demystifies the complexity of facial rejuvenation, empowering all of us who want to look younger." - M. SwathFt. Myers, FL "This guide will no doubt give clarity to anyone considering a facial rejuvenation procedure." -Edwin F. Williams, III, M.D., FACSWilliams Center for Plastic Surgery Taking steps to look younger is a personal decision each of us has to make. This 21st century guide- written in easy-to-understand, everyday language-will help you with your decision.