Let's Learn About... Snails - Amazing Pictures and Facts about SnailsHave your children ever wondered EXACTLY why snails are so slimy?There are so many awesome things to learn about snails. Do they have teeth? How fast can they move? In this book you'll find answers to these questions and many more in simple, fun language. Each fact is accompanied by incredible pictures to keep even the youngest child fascinated.In school our children aren't taught in a way that makes them curious and want to learn. I want to change that!This book will show your children just how interesting the world is and help excite a passion for learning.Your children will learn how to: Become curious about the world around themFind a motivation to learnUse their free time to discover more about the world - and have fun while doing so!And much more!Table of ContentsChapter 1 - What are snails?Chapter 2 - What snails look likeChapter 3 - ShellChapter 4 - TentaclesChapter 5 - Where snails liveChapter 6 - A day in the life of a snailChapter 7 - What snails eatChapter 8 - Finding foodChapter 9 - EatingChapter 10 - Moving aroundChapter 11 - SpeedChapter 12 - Baby snailsChapter 13 - BreedingChapter 14 - HermaphroditeChapter 15 - The life of a snailChapter 16 - PredatorsChapter 17 - Defending themselvesChapter 18 - Garden snailChapter 19 - Roman snailChapter 20 - Giant African land snail Buy this book for your children today and give them one of the greatest gifts you possibly could - the gift of wonder!