The theory of mobilities has gained great recognition and traction over recent decades, illustrating not only the influence of mobilities in daily life but also the rise and expansion of globalization worldwide. But what if this sense of mobilities is in fact an ideological bubble that provides the illusion of freedom whilst limiting our mobility or even keeping us immobile? This book reviews the strengths and weaknesses of the mobilities paradigm and reminds us that today only a small percentage of the world's population travel internationally. In doing so the author's insightful analysis constructs a bridge between Marxism and Cultural theory. Offering a critical discussion of the theory of mobilities, the book explores the concept in the context of colonialism, nation states, consumption, globalization, fear and terrorism. This unique book presents an alternative viewpoint that is vital reading for cultural theorists, sociologists, anthropologists and Marxist scholars seeking a different understanding of the theory of mobilities.